Following on from the 2022 report, Delivering Net Zero: Key Considerations for Commercial Retrofits ‘Building the case for net zero: retrofitting office buildings‘ reframes retrofit as an iterative process, rather than a standalone project, and demonstrates that upgrades should be planned and implemented to align with critical opportunities, such as lease and maintenance cycles.

This report outlines which retrofit measures are the most energy and cost efficient, empowering industry professionals to understand what would work best for their particular project. These retrofit measures span the breadth of building upgrade types: building optimisation, light retrofit and deep retrofit. Additionally, this report details steps for overcoming common challenges to maximise compliance with anticipated Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) and closing the gap towards future net zero carbon performance targets.

What does industry need to do to drive commercial retrofit?

Retrofit now

Commercial office investors, owners, & occupiers must plan and implement immediate and longer term retrofit strategies to close the gap to net zero

Greater transparency

All stakeholders must improve the quality and transparency of building performance data, to optimise in-use energy performance.

Minimise whole life carbon

Whole life carbon assessments should be used to determine the most effective long-term decarbonisation strategies.

Invest in long-term value

All stakeholders should factor in long-term retrofit outcomes, and the wider social, economic and environmental benefits.

Collaborate and share lessons learnt

The scale of the retrofit challenge and the rate of decarbonisation needed requires a collaborative approach.

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Building the case for net zero: retrofitting office buildings

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Commercial retrofit case studies

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