Nearly 75% of UK councils and combined authorities have declared climate emergencies. At UKGBC, we recognise the critical role that Local Authorities play in accelerating our mission and work to support them.

Why Local Authorities

Local authorities are a crucial stakeholder for UKGBC as they have the power to control developments in their area; they are attuned to local needs and issues, own a lot of building stick and often act as facilitators of other local organisations. They can drive up the sustainability of new homes and residential developments through considered local plans and minimum standards to deliver a wide range of benefits to residents, communities and cities at large.

Local authorities have recognised that they have a duty to act and many want to/already are demonstrating leadership through ambitious policy. They have partnerships with private sector for delivery and are responsible for economic strategy and growth in local areas. This gives them the opportunity to consider social value in their development which can provide across three key areas: jobs and economic growth, health, wellbeing and the environment and strength of community.

Many local and combined authorities have forged ahead by using planning as a force to drive up the carbon performance of new developments, improve climate resilience, increase biodiversity and create places that support their communities’ health and wellbeing.

As a local authority how can you work with UKGBC?

As a local authority, your work will be supported by UKGBC, as we aim to empower you to develop nature positive, climate resilient communities. We have developed guidance in the form of playbooks, toolkits, forums, and training provision – both general and specific to local authorities.

As local authorities, you have access to our playbooks that provide support for adopting ambitious policy whilst taking your local context into account. These playbooks lay out future trajectories of escalating minimum standards which you can move in advance of if you choose to. They also demonstrate how protecting nature and enhancing resilience can and should be embedded into your decision making at every level within local government.

UKGBC started a Local Authority Retrofit Forum as part of our Accelerator Cities programme. This forum is designed to support you to take a leading role on retrofit and help guide and create content and resources that can be shared across the sector, with the UKGBC membership and the wide built environment industry.

We provide these resources for you, in the hopes to drive further collaboration between local authorities and developers to deliver sustainable development.

Resources for Local Authorities

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