At a time of climate and nature emergency and a cost of living crisis, the UK needs bold government leadership and policy at national, devolved and local levels to transform our buildings, towns and cities.

The built environment sector has a big role to play, working together to champion the ambitious policies needed to deliver a zero-carbon, climate-resilient, regenerative future. This is particularly important in this general election year where politics and policy ideas are in flux and new ideas can cut through.

What does our policy & advocacy work look like?

As the voice of our sustainable built environment, UKGBC works to:

Bring the sector together around a common sense policy agenda, informed by our collective expertise

Engage with political and policy decision-makers to shape the conversation

Raise the profile and influence of our agenda and members through the media and social media

General election campaign

UKGBC is stepping up advocacy efforts for the general election year

UKGBC’s ‘Building Britain’s Future’ policy platform sets out the biggest opportunities an incoming government has to tackle the multiple crises facing the country by renewing the places we live, work and play.

Our member-powered campaign is designed to win support for key game-changing policies, build lasting relationships with decision makers and influencers and to raise the profile of our collective mission.

Areas of work


Press releases