Partnership Length1 year (FY 2024/25)

In this pivotal year, with the scale of retrofit investment and nature of major new developments hotly contested, there is a window of opportunity to ensure the voice of our sustainable built environment is heard.  

UKGBC’s convening power, and live relationships with decision makers and influencers across the political spectrum, make us well placed to deliver this. But we need additional support to fully take advantage of the moment.  

We’re inviting members to Partner us in a new Advocacy Project.  

The Project will build on the success of our Upgrading Britain’s Homes Project where our national retrofit investment calculator is being used by Opposition parties to develop policy. And it will add surge capacity to our other policy campaigns including on commercial retrofit, embodied carbon, new developments, nature restoration and resilience.  

Supporting this Project is an opportunity to leverage the public affairs impact your organisation needs, showcase your leadership, and be at the centre of policy debate through these fast-moving times.  

Unlocking policy in a number of key areas could transform the prospects of our industry with a huge growth in the upgrading of existing buildings and new developments built to genuinely modern standards in the right places.  

Through this project we want: 

  • Key policies to be adopted by the main parties 
  • Strong relationships with key decision-makers and influencers across the political spectrum.  
  • Members to actively engage in policy advocacy, raising the voice of the industry. 
  • Members to provide expert guidance to the incoming Government and Opposition parties 
  • Support members and industry to understand and respond to new policies 

Project benefits for members

Beyond advancing our shared ambitions and supporting the realisation of critical industry targets, members partnering on UKGBC project opportunities will also gain multiple direct benefits including:

Driving meaningful impact

Your organisation will be credited with enabling the project and facilitating progress and positive impact in the built environment. You will secure a position on the project Task Group. You will take a steering role, helping to shape the project and associated outputs, as well as how those outputs are conveyed to the political parties and industry to maximise impact and uptake

Raising your brand profile

Your organisation will receive brand recognition via the inclusion of your organisation’s logo on all project and/or project related outputs and collateral (e.g., reports, videos, presentation slides) You will receive bespoke social media assets to help promote your organisation’s support of the project You will be given opportunities to present at project output launch and/or related events.

Expanding networks

Your organisation will be able to collaborate with other industry leaders. You will have access to a broad network through which to extend your organisation’s reach and build new relationships with clients and suppliers from across the built environment value chain

Developing your staff

Individuals will gain unique experience and improve their knowledge through Task Group participation and direct knowledge exchange. Individuals will engage with a diverse set of stakeholders from across the industry and collaborate to co-create tangible solutions.

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Emily Kent
Emily Kent Policy and Public Affairs Coordinator