This budget submission proposes the Government signals a long term commitment to larger scale investment in upgrading Britian’s homes in order to bring down heating bills for good, protect energy security and meet our climate commitments. In tandem with this, we propose a simple alteration to Stamp Duty Land Tax with a ‘rebate to renovate’ incentive to steer the housing market to reflect the energy performance of a home and attract large scale private investment in home retrofit. To support the shift to cleaner electric heating we propose that social and environmental levies are moved from electricity bills to general taxation.

We also renew our call for funding for local authorities to act as local drivers of widespread home retrofit and for funding to restore the number of local authority planning officers and boost their capacity to make sound, rapid planning decisions and shape local area plans.

Download our Spring Budget Representation

Read the recommendations we sent to government ahead of the spring budget.

Spring Budget 2024 Representation

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