Published during COP28, this scorecard outlines where the government is falling behind on the need to create a resilient built environment. On five out of seven critical climate resilience priorities, UKGBC’s scorecard finds that the Government policies in its Third National Adaptation Programme (NAP3) are insufficient, flawed, or missing, placing millions of homes and buildings – and the lives of people occupying them –  at serious risk of damage from climate-related disaster.

The scorecard analyses policies affecting both existing buildings and new builds and their adaptation to the most serious climate risks including water scarcity, overheating, flooding, and coastal erosion, awarding each a rating of green (progress in line with UKGBC recommendations) amber (positive or partial but insufficient progress) or red (failing to deliver or actively hindering progress). No areas received a green rating, indicating that the UK built environment is not sufficiently adapted to the present and future risks posed by any of the threats assessed by UKGBC.

Key findings from the analysis include:

We need a credible, robust, fully-funded retrofit programme.

Without it, we’re leaving buildings across the country vulnerable to overheating.

We need to move away from a focus on mechanical ventilation and cooling when tackling overheating.

These techniques fuel energy demand and make it harder to reach our net zero goals, exacerbating the problem they’re trying to adapt to.

For flooding, the UK lacks onsistent standards and certification.

This is crucial when thinking about flood risk management.

There is generally a lack of resource for funding large scale adaptation infrastructure.

For example, there isn’t enough UK wide funding for crucial nature based solutions.

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NAP3 Policy Scorecard

Explore our Red, Amber, Green Analysis of government’s climate change adaptation policy.
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