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Fully decarbonising the electricity system by 2035 is central to delivering Net Zero in the UK. With buildings responsible for over 60% of the UK’s national electricity demand, the built environment industry has a critical role to play in achieving this target, and the way electricity is procured for our buildings can accelerate our transition to a reliable, resilient, and zero carbon grid.  

This guidance from UKGBC on Renewable Energy Procurement seeks to empower stakeholders tasked with procuring energy in the built environment to do so in a way that enables them to realise their climate ambition, while supporting the continued decarbonisation of the electricity supply sector. Across a suite of guidance documents, UKGBC’s series of reports gives industry the tools to make more informed procurement decisions.

Key aspects within the guidance include:

Three principles for good quality renewable electricity procurement –

Renewable, Additionality and Time-matched – along with actions to meet these principles. The best electricity procurement approaches will seek to maximise the extent to which they respond to these three principles.

A toolkit to better engage with your energy supplier

and source the information needed to compare the procurement routes available to you in the market.

A rating system for assessing the performance of a building

or organisation’s overall electricity strategy, including electricity procured from off site, as well as any onsite generation, demand management, and storage.

A summary of procurement routes available in the market,

with more detailed information on many of the Power Purchase Agreement variants, as well as some of the factors that may affect an organisation’s ability to engage with certain procurement options.

All Reports

Additional Documents

Download documents that support the Renewable Energy Procurement reports.

Renewable Energy Procurement Scoring Tool

This scoring tool was produced to support assessment of a building or organisation’s electricity strategy in line with UKGBC’s guidance on Renewable Energy Procurement – specifically, the scoring and rating methodology provided in Report 3.
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