Julie Hirigoyen, Chief Executive at UKGBC said:

“As we look back on the results of this 2019 election, we may well refer to it as the first UK election that had the climate crisis at its heart. No longer the preserve of a single party or associated with any one shade of the political spectrum, we know that voters of all political persuasions care about tackling climate change, and every single manifesto had climate promises in response.

“Whatever happens now with Brexit, it is essential that our environmental protections are preserved and further strengthened. 2020 must kick off a decade of unprecedented climate action and the built environment must be at the forefront of that. With COP 26 being hosted in Glasgow, we have a unique opportunity to go further, faster and for the UK to lead on the transition to a green economy.

“Housing and infrastructure were also major issues in this election, so it’s crucial that we recognise the benefits of tackling all these priorities together and ensure that our industry rises to the challenge of delivering a net zero carbon built environment. To coin the now well-used phrase, let’s use the upcoming decade, to get net zero carbon done!”