Problem Addressed

The built environment is directly responsible for 25% of UK emissions, lifting to 42% if you include surface transport. Current rates of decarbonisation are not keeping pace with the requirements of the Paris Agreement. A major factor in the slow rate of change is a lack of understanding across the industry of the source of impacts, the options available to do things differently and a lack of collaboration and understanding across the supply chain. One Click LCA is accelerating decarbonisation by making it easier for the entire construction supply chain to calculate, report and reduce their impacts, whilst working together to drive forward change.

Solution Overview

One Click LCA’s user-friendly software and hands-on support makes life-cycle assessment (LCA), life-cycle costing (LCC), and other carbon transparency tools available to all, regardless of experience or position within the construction supply chain.

The product-level tools help manufacturers to conduct product LCA and generate, verify and publish Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs.) These tools enable manufacturers to develop lower-impact products and market their sustainability, as well as support clients in meeting legislative requirements.

For buildings and infrastructure projects, the tools facilitate early design optimisation, building circularity, and site-level decision-making, in addition to core LCA tools. Real estate investors and corporations can use One Click LCA to offer greenhouse gas reporting and management.

The One Click LCA development roadmap is constantly evolving in response to customer needs and industry developments. In Spring 2024, the new RICS 2nd Edition tool will be released, plus BIODIVERSITY SUPPLY CHAIN and BIODIVERSITY NET GAIN (BNG) tools for biodiversity carbon impact measurement and reporting.

All of the One Click LCA tools are tailored to meet regional and global legislative or certification requirements, and integrate with most major design tools, including BIM, Revit and IES VE. They also facilitate compliance with GLA assessments, LEED, and 40+ other global certifications, as well as the option to achieve BREEAM LCA credits.

Case Study

In their move toward a more sustainable future for the organisation, Daikin is focused on absolute credibility, as well as committing to providing more MEP-specific market data.

The manufacturing giant has provided TM65 information for new products over the last few years, but recently took a significant step – releasing its first EPD certification with the support of One Click LCA.

“This is a major milestone for us. It represents the first type of certificate for this class of products in the UK market. And it is a major shift – because of course, as you know, EPDs are independently certified documents.” – Matteo Dall Ombra, Daikin UK

As they head into the future, Daikin UK will increase the products for which EPDs are available, with the goal of eventually covering the whole product range for all new products as standard, and customers will receive these as seamlessly as they currently receive an installation or service manual. This commitment is being taken to truly demonstrate that the manufacturer is taking significant steps to becoming more sustainable and lowering their carbon emissions. Read more at the link below.

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