Problem Addressed

Sustainable modes of transport are vital for the health of our cities and the people that live in them, and we require assets to be more active and commuter-friendly. Well-designed and more considered facilities can result in more people choosing alternative modes of transport.

Solution Overview

ActiveScore’s mission is to make buildings more welcoming for active commuters – enabling a cleaner, greener, healthier future for all.​ They assess, certify and enhance active travel facilities and services in buildings around the world. Using a scientific system developed with industry experts, the certification exists to future-proof assets and set benchmarks for active travel standards.​

​ActiveScore rate buildings using a transparent, scientific methodology developed in partnership with urban planners and experts from the active travel and cycling industry. An ActiveScore rating clearly communicates a building’s future-proofed credentials to prospective tenants, partners and occupiers. Although the certification is a stand alone solution, the assessment criteria does also benchmark against the other major certifications that touch on the subject of active travel (WELL, BREEAM, BCO etc).

Every development receives a clean air/carbon reduction calculator as part of the certification process.

Cost is £1,270+VAT per year (minimum of 2 years):

  • Preliminary and Formal Report within 3 weeks.
  • Recommendations on how to improve an assets’ overall active travel friendliness, including infrastructure and soft measures.
  • Certificate confirming ActiveScore achievement.
  • Certification confirmation to use within company branding e.g. website, social media channels and marketing materials.

Case Study

More than 250 projects worldwide are ActiveScore certified. A range of case studies can be found here, including from Lendlease, Brookfield Properties, GPE and Bruntwood.

Facts and Figures

£1,270 + VAT

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