Problem Addressed

The world is facing a range of social and environmental challenges, namely health, affordability, climate change and biodiversity loss. These issues are currently being addressed individually, increasing the reporting burden and reducing effectiveness. However, these challenges should not be addressed in siloes. A joined-up strategy is required with all departments, team members and stakeholders understanding how they are contributing to the strategy. Implementation then requires collaboration both horizontally and vertically, internally with staff, and externally with all suppliers and stakeholders.

Addressing sustainability requires that all project members and stakeholders are aligned across all sustainability issues simultaneously – this is a challenging and complex task.

Solution Overview

OnePlanet Digital is an innovative platform using the latest database technology to enable the development and management of robust, holistic and fully integrated sustainability strategies. It also connects multiple sustainability plans and strategies so that they can be aligned, managed and compared simultaneously (e.g. multiple phases or elements of a large project). The platform also contains a ‘Lens’ functionality enabling the viewing of strategies through any sustainability framework such as BREEAM, LEED, GRESB or the Sustainable Development Goals.

The OnePlanet platform has a simple and coherent, logical framework based on Outcomes (desired achievements/goals), Actions (undertaken to achieve the Outcomes) and Indicators (how progress will be tracked). When developing any plan key elements of the functionality include:

  • Mindmap view – for visualisation of links between different sustainability issues (e.g. highlighting the links between health and climate change action).
  • Table view – managing Actions and Indicators (to track progress both quantitatively and qualitatively).
  • Document view – reporting on progress or compliance with any framework.
  • Web view – publishing progress and driving engagement.

OnePlanet technology helps clients to meet their existing sustainability requirements by:

  • Decreasing reporting time – by enabling clients to automatically reorganise information for different audiences.
  • Increasing efficiency by aligning teams and companies and enabling collaboration across all team members.
  • Aligning and centralising data.
  • Enabling the use of templates to save time and improve efficiency.

The inherent connectivity of the platform delivers additional benefits:

  • Increases effectiveness by allowing multiple sustainability issues to be addressed simultaneously.
  • Increases impact by engaging with stakeholders to broaden the benefits of their sustainability strategies.
  • It also enables stakeholders to contribute to plans/develop their own plans connected to the ecosystem.

Individuals and SMEs: Free or Pro accounts for less than £500 a year.

The Ecosystem accounts are tailored to and vary based on the size of the company/project. Contact for more information.

ROI: Users of the technology are seeing reductions in reporting times, reducing the burden on staff resources and an increase in impact through collaboration and streamlining of effort.

Case Study

London Borough of Enfield

  • Enfield Council used the review of the Climate Action Plan as an opportunity to look at innovative approaches for mapping and monitoring climate action across the authority and Borough.
  • Read more at .

Meridian Water

  • Meridian Water comprises many separate projects and the OnePlanet platform is being used to track progress across these projects to ensure the ESS and other key goals and objectives are delivered.
  • Read more at .

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