Problem Addressed

The building sector has a pivotal role to play in creating the Net Zero communities of the future, and to achieve this relies on the effective decarbonisation of existing assets today.

Solution Overview

Decarbonomics provides a data driven portfolio level approach to enable owner and occupiers of building portfolios of any scale (whether owners or leasers), to successfully decarbonise an entire building estate through the development and implementation of cost effective and programme optimised net zero pathways.

Decarbonomics has also been developed to provide the required information to support the development of robust investment cases to help clients secure the necessary finances and funding need to deliver a net zero future. As of May 2022, 300,000 tonnes of CO2 reductions have been identified.

Decarbonomics is an end-to-end service providing whole life support across three core areas of benchmarking, roadmapping and delivery:


Involving the capture, structuring, and management of portfolio data to gain a deeper understanding of properties, to benchmark current performance, and to create a framework to maximise the value of a client’s data. The industry benchmarking database – Carbon Data Insights – is used to fill any material data gaps to get a client moving more quickly.


Carbon, cost and engineering solutions are then analysed to create enterprise level digital twins and scenario testing augmented by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is used to create bespoke roadmaps, for the most cost-effective and pragmatic implementation.


An efficient and cost-effective delivery programme which accelerates the decarbonisation of an estate. Decarbonomics’ management teams ensure quantifiable decarbonisation interventions are delivered throughout the life cycle of assets, providing real time views of performance against plan.


Using a systems based approach to appraising and optioneering the optimal configuration and programming of a wide range of interventions, Decarbonomics provides industry leading insights and data on a range of established and emergent building solutions such as:

  • Estate Optimisation
  • Building Management Systems Solutions
  • Heating & Cooling Decarbonisation Strategies & Technologies
  • Hydrogen and Storage

Decarbonomics aims to be as accessible as possible. This means providing a high-value and cost-effective service to clients, typically with commissions shaped around two phases:

Phase 1 – Benchmark and Roadmap – establish operational carbon baseline and identify an optimized program of works.

Phase 2 – Deliver –accelerate the decarbonisation of an estate.

These two phases often overlap as Decarbonomics collectively identifies quick wins and no / low regret interventions that can be implemented in parallel to the development of the overall Decarbonomics program. This agile approach means clients recognise the benefits from the interventions, financial and otherwise, sooner, offering an improved return compared to more traditional approaches.”

Decarbonomics’ investment in people and their technology platform enables them to offer these at a highly competitive price, providing price certainty for clients and clear routes to value. Typically, clients can expect to make significant savings on the traditional, labour intensive stages of Benchmark and Roadmap, although this range will vary depending on the size, complexity and composition of the estate, as well as available data.

The Benchmark and Roadmap can be procured together for a fixed price. The price for Deliver scales according to the level of investment identified and the complexity of the program.

To underpin their commitment to helping clients achieve their net zero ambitions, Decarbonomics welcomes discussions into developing an outcome-linked model in which a proportion of the fee is linked to achieving the client’s decarbonisation targets.

Case Study

Government Property Agency

SNC-Lavalin are the Strategic Net Zero Partner for the UK’s Government Property Agency 450 building portfolio, with this work forming the basis of the Decarbonomics service platform.

Department for Work & Pensions

We are piloting Decarbonomics on 850 properties focusing on the decarbonisation of heat as well as lighting, HVAC, BMS, and PV.


Decarbonomics is being used to develop SNC-Lavalin’s costed roadmap for its UK & Europe, US, and Canadian building portfolio which comprises more than 150 buildings.

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