Simon McWhirter, Deputy Chief Executive at UKGBC said: 

After months of delay, the Government’s National Planning Policy Framework utterly fails to move planning policy an inch towards the well-considered, coordinated and holistic system we need to deliver net zero and restore nature.  

“It is profoundly disappointing that the latest NPPF update has not given any much-needed certainty or clarity on how and when the planning system will align with the UK’s legally-binding decarbonisation and nature commitments, despite clear consensus across industry that reforming the planning system could unlock vast green investment opportunities, and create momentum for the next generation of low-carbon, nature-friendly homes and buildings.  

“A comprehensive climate review of the NPPF has been repeatedly promised but is yet to materialise. We cannot be any clearer – our climate emergency leaves no time for further delay.  

“The Government must now set out an accelerated timeline for the climate and nature elements of the NPPF and work with us to rebuild confidence in its commitment to the sustainable built environment.”