Problem Addressed

Joe’s Blooms helps developers of small sites comply with the Biodiversity Net Gain process. It:

  • Provides an intuitive visual digital interface to allow the user to easily and accurately fill in the Biodiversity Metric
  • Produces all the documents that are needed under the Environment Act 2021
  • Helps to create and source the necessary Biodiversity Units that are required to hit the 10% uplift.

Small site developers may struggle to comply with these requirements without the aid of tools (specific areas of concern include conducting a competent site survey; filling in the metric correctly; and writing compliant Biodiversity Gain Plans).

Solution Overview

The Joe’s Blooms site is a set of webpages that, via a suite of GIS tools and easy-to-use data fields, captures all the information that the user needs to enter about their site. This includes guidance on how to conduct an appropriate site survey. With this information, the Joe’s Blooms tool is able to work out what the biodiversity score of the site is and advise the user on the best steps to help secure the necessary uplift; helps to compile a complete and compliant Biodiversity Gain Plan, Biodiversity Metric and other documents. It is a standalone solution but can import data from other tools (e.g. red line diagrams). The tool will help to show what the % biodiversity gain is on any given set of solutions.

Case Study

Coming soon.

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