Problem Addressed

Space limitations and other constraints make it difficult to bring nature and biodiversity into the built environment limiting opportunity for nature connection, place making and enhanced wellbeing.

With increased expectation for Biodiversity Net Gain and investment in nature rich outdoor space, we must find simple and effective ways to boost biodiversity in the grey environment.

Solution Overview

BioCube is an innovative multifunctional habitat unit with combined wet and dry habitats which provides homes for a range of species, from hedgehogs to hoverflies, to create a compact and attractive self-contained ecosystem. Each habitat within the BioCube has been carefully located to provide protection and insulation from external influences such as predators, extreme temperatures, and noise.

BioScapes have developed a range of specialist planters that contain houses for hedgehogs, butterflies, bees, amphibians and birds. They have been designed to quickly boost biodiversity in any residential, educational, community or commercial setting.

Simple to install and easy to maintain these wildlife planters provide an effective solution to quickly add green infrastructure. Trials conducted by ecologists showed a significant increase in species density and overall biodiversity gains – a single BioCube habitat unit delivered a 10-fold increase in invertebrates and a 3-fold increase in amphibian species.

Connected to surface water drainage the unit can act as a rainwater garden to divert water from roofs and other hard surfaces to reduce flood risk downstream.

Each BioCube is made from recycled or recyclable materials and the unit itself requires minimal maintenance if any at all.

When installed, each BioCube provides over 4m2 of planting area (and 2.5m3 of habitat volume). BioCube has been developed as a modular solution enabling configuration suited to the location. Each BioCube costs £2,999.95 excluding fill material and plants. Other BioScapes habitat units are smaller to suit different applications.

For ease, a full turn key offer is available including pre-survey, ecological evaluation, full installation and set up and a follow up ecological survey to assess impact.

Benefits include high levels of community engagement and customer satisfaction, placemaking benefits, 10-fold increase in biodiversity and other ecosystem benefits including water management and carbon sequestration.

Case Study

BioScapes® teamed up with one of the largest housing associations in North-East England, Believe Housing, to boost biodiversity and to increase awareness, and connection with nature within local communities.

BioCubes, NatureArks and WildPods from the BioScapes range were placed across Durham within office, school, residential and community settings and have been well received by residents, partners, and staff.

The residents were pleased to encourage wildlife in their local area and it motivated them to get more involved. School children gained hands-on experience of looking after plants, animals and the environment for both educational and wellbeing purposes.

Bumblebees and hoverflies arrived at the BioCubes as soon as they were set up and it resulted in a great boost for wildlife and impact on the environment.

Ecological surveys have shown that installation of BioScapes units results in significant increases in biodiversity. The results of the trials have enabled BioScapes to continue making refinements to the product designs to maximise biodiversity gains.

Facts and Figures


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