Problem Addressed

How to address declining bee numbers and an overall loss of biodiversity. Construction plays a huge part in habitat loss, how can we make each development give space back to nature?

Solution Overview

Bee Brick is designed to give nature a home within developments. Used in place of a standard house brick or block, it creates nesting space for solitary bees within the framework of a building, or for other small wildlife species. Bee Brick is all about putting little nooks and crannies back into buildings.

Green&Blue is working on a large scale study to measure the effectiveness of habitat creation and hope to be able to report back on this soon.

Bee Bricks cost £30 for a single brick, with breaks available for volume purchasing. For less than would be spent on door hinges, clients can create a permanent home for wildlife species.

Case Study

With the Bee Brick having been available since 2014, it has been installed in many projects and gardens across the UK and beyond to date. This means Green&Blue have seen the Bee Brick through several lifecycles of solitary bee nesting and have many similar reports from across the UK.

Case studies available at

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