Problem Addressed

Loss of habitat and biodiversity. Habitat loss is one of the biggest issues facing our wildlife species in the UK and the rate of new construction projects means that habitat is disappearing at a rapid pace.

Solution Overview

The BatBlock is designed to create roosting space for common British bats within the framework of a building. The Green&Blue range is designed to create a world where we cater for wildlife species and biodiversity within the framework of new developments and is designed to be implemented in line with other measures such as planting, wildlife corridors and other sustainable development goals.

Green&Blue work with the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) to ensure that the BatBlock is the best it can be for bat species and donate 10% from all sales to support the work of the BCT.

Bats are an important overall ecology health indicator and their population works in harmony with insects, making them an important species to protect.

Green&Blue BatBlock costs £89.95 for a single block with price breaks available based on quantity purchases.  

Case Study

Working with the Bat Conservation Trust to create more measuring studies and case studies. At the moment only verbal identification of usage is available, but Green & Blue are looking to create a larger scale citizen science study that investigates this.  

Facts and Figures


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