Project Overview

Project Overview

NOMA is an eight-hectare regeneration area to the north of Manchester City Centre, formerly occupied by the Manchester-based Cooperative Group. Since the mid-2000s the area has seen investment in new commercial buildings and a significant placemaking programme. This has included new public realm, events programme and community engagement initiatives. These activities have helped to reposition NOMA as a location for businesses known for technology, creativity and innovation.

Hatch was commissioned to help Federated Hermes evidence their programme of Responsible Property Investment and to demonstrate the economic and social benefits NOMA has secured to date for Manchester City Centre and the wider Manchester area.

Hermes launched the findings of the assessment to an audience of key stakeholders in autumn 2019, and are now available on the NOMA website.

Measurement Approach

The Hatch report tells the story of how NOMA has evolved by collating and synthesizing the economic, social and environmental benefits of the development achieved to date. As well as assessing progress, the report also looks to the scheme’s future and how these benefits could develop as further stages of the masterplan are implemented.

Measured Outcomes


Transparency: The published report outlines some of the key aspects of the measurement methodology and makes use of footnotes and explanatory text to identify information sources. The report also highlights some of the limitations and key assumptions of the methodology.

Further work: Undertaking an occupier survey to provide human experience  NOMA, better baseline data collection and a framework to monitor key metrics in the long term.

For More Information:

Please contact David Watson, Associate Director at Hatch.

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Consultations with project teams at construction and operation Estate and building information
Occupier information
Manchester City Council
Construction costs
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Volunteering and apprenticeships data
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VOA data on business rates

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