Project Overview

The Transforming Edinburgh Strategy is a ten-year council-led strategy to transform the city centre of Edinburgh by improving its public spaces.

Edinburgh City Council commissioned Simetrica to provide baseline data of the city centre to illustrate the potential gains from the transformation strategy and effectively communicate them to the public. As part of the ongoing regeneration, a framework has been put in place to monitor the key variables identified by Simetrica at baseline.

The results were published online as part of the final strategy document.

Measurement Approach 

A baseline assessment of a range indicators was undertaken in the Edinburgh area. This analysis was combined with data from reference cities and other comparable areas to assess the potential changes in outcomes resulting from the programme. These changes were then valued using a range of methodologies, in particular wellbeing valuation. The wellbeing valuation methodology used is one of three approaches to valuing non-market outcomes that are set out in HM Treasury’s Green Book and supplementary guidance.

Outcomes Measured 

Transparency: A technical session was used to explain the measurement methodology with key stakeholders at the Council before the strategy document was approved.

Assurance: The approach is based upon best-practice methodologies set out in HM Treasury’s Green Book, which provides the government’s overall guidance on appraisal and evaluation of policies and projects. Aspects of their approach are published in a range of academic journals.

Jobs & Economic Growth Health, Wellbeing & the Environment Strength of Community
Employment rate Reliance on cars Community belonging
Population growth Air pollution Safety
Access to greenspace

For More Information:

Please contact Edward Dallas, Senior Economist, Simetrica.

Primary Data Secondary Data
None Scottish Household Survey
Edinburgh People Survey
Labour Force Survey
Understanding Society