Project Overview

Marklake Court is a community-led development of socially rented homes in South London. Leathermarket Community Benefit Society (CBS), an organisation set up by elected estate residents to bring forward affordable homes for the community, identified a potential disused site that was owned by Southwark Council. The Council handed over the land to the CBS for free and funded the construction costs as part of their council home building programme.

The CBS commissioned HACT to measure the social value of the Marklake Court development in order to justify the decision taken by the Council to provide cheap land for the development, and to strengthen their proof of concept as an organisation.

So far, the results have been used internally by the Community Benefit Society, but there are plans in place to communicate them to the Council and other stakeholders.

Measurement Approach

A combination of wellbeing valuation from HACT Social Value Bank and local tenant satisfaction questions.

Measured Outcomes


Transparency: All findings will be reported with full references and information about limitations and assumptions made.

Assurance: HACT uses a certification process which assesses whether the evidence provided demonstrates a change for the individuals surveyed, that the questionnaires used are appropriate and that deadweight has been applied.

Future considerations: Conduct resident surveys earlier in the process.

For More Information:

Please contact James Williams, Head of Social Impact at HACT.

Jobs & Economic Growth Health, Wellbeing & the Environment Strength of Community
Confidence levels Perceptions of crime
Health Feelings about neighbourhood
Connection to neighbourhood
Primary Data Secondary Data
Questionnaires before and after moving in, based on standard questions from the UK Social Value Bank Social Value Bank

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