Problem Addressed

With an immense variety of factors influencing residential building performance, liveability, risk, and occupant wellbeing, it can be difficult to make informed decisions when evaluating properties or locations. The PropEco API addresses this, by making it faster, cheaper, and easier to assess and understand the data needed by companies, not-for-profits, and academics.

Solution Overview

The PropEco API integrates hundreds of source of enhanced open-source data, unique datasets, and proprietary models covering topics including climate change, flooding, air quality, overheating, energy use, exposure to pollution, and green retrofit potential. Users can generate an in-depth property- or location- specific assessment using just UPRN or coordinates. The API service provides access to UK-wide property and location data focusing on three core topics: energy efficiency, climate risks, and sustainability & wellbeing. It also provides an additional layer of statistical analysis and geospatial information to help users make the most of the data.

Some examples of the wide variety of information available for a specific property include:

  • Projected changes to weather patterns and temperature under multiple climate change scenarios
  • Concentrations of common pollutants
  • Proximity of greenspaces and parks
  • In-depth assessment of flood risk from rivers, seas, and surface water

The API also provides detailed information about a domestic property’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in England, Scotland, or Wales including Raw EPCs, Enhanced EPCs (which have undergone a standardisation process to remove inconsistencies), and EPC Estimates based on the attributes of nearby properties. The PropEco energy model can add even more accurate projections of energy use and carbon footprint by factoring in specific attributes (property size, type, age, level of insulation, etc), local climatic conditions, occupancy levels, and usage patterns.

Case Study

The output of the API is designed to be used on a stand-alone basis or integrated with existing solutions. Current use cases include lenders assessing properties as part of their mortgage review process, property portals integrating the data into online profiles, and proptech companies using the API to enhance their products.

Facts and Figures

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