Problem addressed

PropEco remove or reduce many of the key barriers that stand in the way of ‘future-proofing’ residential property. These include challenges in accessing data, as well as the complexity and high costs that are common in most retrofitting processes.

Solution overview

PropEco are developing an AI-powered platform that makes it as easy, quick and inexpensive as possible to assess and improve the energy efficiency, climate resilience and liveability of residential property. PropEco connects customers with funding sources, accredited installers and technology providers to make home upgrades as quick, easy and cheap as possible.

Each assessment leverages hundreds of sources of data, proprietary models and artificial intelligence to provide a comprehensive assessment of how ‘future-proof’ a property is. This considers a wide range of factors including energy efficiency, resilience to risks emerging from climate change (e.g., overheating or changing flood patterns) and sustainability / wellbeing (e.g., air quality or access to EV charging infrastructure). Any risks and opportunities identified are presented in a concise and engaging format alongside links to tools and partners that can facilitate recommended property upgrades.

Depending on the level of customisation required, PropEco can start generating white-labelled reports for partners within a matter of days. Set-up is designed to be flexible, requiring little or no upfront investment. Reports can then be paid for on a per-unit basis or via a monthly subscription, with price set at a cost-effective level that reflects volume and content. Through enhancing customer relationships, stimulating demand for green home upgrades and reducing risks, the service offers a compelling ROI that will only grow as the impacts of climate change become more apparent.

Based on a property assessment priced at £20-50, a £15,000 retrofit and an average property price of £275,000, the percentage cost of the solution compared to whole cost of the retrofit per unit is around 0.2% of the cost of a standard retrofit or 0.01% of the average property price.

Case study

The assessments are available directly through PropEco’s website and are due to be rolled-out (in a white-labelled format) with several lenders and estate agents over the next six months.

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