Problem Addressed

Homes are the largest single contributor of carbon emissions from the built environment according to UKGBC’s Whole Life Carbon Roadmap making upgrades to our housing stock incredibly urgent. Despite this, almost two-thirds of Brits are unaware of their home’s EPC rating according to a study by the Mortgage Advice Bureau.

Solution Overview

Propflo provides an end-to-end solution for mortgage and property businesses to retrofit residential properties. They help these businesses by using AI to analyse their portfolio, providing tools to engage their customers in retrofitting as well as verifying and monitoring works. Propflo has three products that are modular but work best together:

PortfolioAudit analyses the loan book or CRM of businesses to provide insights into risks and opportunities, including AI based address matching, energy rating predictions, viability of retrofitting, a grant eligibility indicator, and monitoring of progress. They can also provide ‘Enhanced EPCs’ via a national partner. Enhanced EPCs are available for all UK properties and provide more information on pathways to net zero including a resilience rating.

GreenVal is a white-label retrofit tool that businesses can send to their customers to show them the business case for retrofitting. They can also use GreenVal to select specific improvements and receive direct quotes from accredited national suppliers. GreenVal is optimised to require minimal input from the ends user, reducing drop-off ratings and resulting in a 60% increase in typical click-through rates.

HomeHub helps join up the retrofit process by enabling homeowners to manage works in one place. Customers are then engaged long-term with smart home monitoring, document storage, automated reminders (such as when to have a heating system serviced), a property report, as well as utility switching. Through HomeHub, homeowners are given a retrofit report and can receive direct quotes from accredited suppliers. During retrofit works, they can also track progress in real time and in one place.

Case Study

Molo is an award-winning digital buy-to-let mortgage lender. Using the full Propflo solution, Molo was able to:

  • Better report on the energy performance of their loan-book to their funders.
  • Identify risks where some properties did not have valid energy performance certificates.
  • Engage their landlord customers in retrofitting (seeing a 60%) increase in typical engagement)/

Yopa, a top 10 estate agent selling nearly 10,000 properties per year, used Propflo to:

  • Provide a customer nurture tool for new buyers that increased engagement with their brand.
  • Understand opportunities with their 900k existing customers, create highly tailored messaging and generate additional revenues from complete improvements.
  • Evidence progress in their sustainability strategy.

Facts and Figures

60 %
100 %

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