‘Embodied Carbon: Scope 3 Measurement and Reporting’ seeks to align organisational GHG Scope 3 reporting and project-based embodied carbon assessments to show how establishing a coherent link can support emissions reductions efforts. The guidance demonstrates that integrating embodied carbon assessments directly within Scope 3 reporting would represent an easier, more centralised and more detailed solution than typical practices for GHG Protocol reporting.

To do so, the report outlines guidance for various stakeholders:

  • How Developers, Owners, Contractors, Facilities Managers can use embodied carbon assessments to report Scope 3 emissions across an asset’s lifetime,
  • How Architects and Engineers should adopt a project-based emissions disclosure for embodied carbon, due to the challenge of designing embodied carbon emissions that do not easily fit within the GHG Protocol.

Download the guidance here

Embodied Carbon Scope 3 Measurement and Reporting

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