Problem Addressed

Part used paint tins are often stashed away for potential future use. Most of this paint ultimately ends up going to waste and it all adds up to approximately 55 million litres of paint wasted in the UK every year, according to the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Solution Overview

Dulux Trade Evolve Matt is a high quality emulsion paint that can be used on walls and ceilings. Currently only available in white, it makes a particularly good option for ceilings. 35% of Evolve Matt is made from re-engineered waste paint, helping redirect old paint away from being treated as waste. Also, because Evolve is not made from all virgin raw materials, it is lower in embodied carbon when compared to Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt.

Dulux Trade Evolve Matt costs between 5 and 10% more than standard Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt (depending on contractor’s terms) and still has the same durability and life expectancy. Paint material costs are about 10% of the overall painting contract value – the 90% that is labour cost would still be the same, so it generally adds up to a small overall price increment, but introduces circular economy product design to the world of decoration.

More information about Dulux Trade Evolve Matt’s sustainability can be found in its Environmental Product Declaration.

Case Study

Dulux Trade Evolve Matt Helps Transform Churchill’s Offices
Field-based members of the Dulux Trade Specification Team worked with Willmott Dixon, and painting contractor Primetone Builders to advise both on the selection and application of products that were used to transform the interior and exterior of the 23,000 sqm landmark across a range of surfaces including timber, intricate cornicing and masonry.

Primetone Builders Founder Kevin Rabbitte commented: “Helping to transform such an iconic building was a real privilege and honour. I’m immensely grateful for all the support and expertise that Dulux Trade provided on this complex and challenging project. From initial site visits onwards, their specifiers were critical in helping my team of expert decorators get the very best out of all the products used.”

The interior wall and ceiling surfaces were decorated using the super-sustainable Dulux Trade Evolve Matt. The high opacity emulsion is made with 35% recycled paint content – offering a lower carbon footprint than traditional alternatives.

Facts and Figures

35 %
5-10 %

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