Problem Addressed

How to reduce air pollution and improve indoor air quality.

Solution Overview

Airlite paint copies nature to produce air purifying ions at the painted surface. As in nature, these ions neutralise pollutants and kill viruses & bacteria. Airlite paint:

  • Purifies the air (neutralising NO2)
  • Is anti-viral & anti-bacterial: Kills 99.9% ( human coronavirus, SARS & influenza)
  • Prohibits mould and mould spores
  • Has no VOCs, solvents or antibiotics
  • Has low CO2 footprint (>70% reduction)
  • Is made from recycled materials – Cradle to Cradle Gold
  • Has no hazardous waste
  • Supports the achievement of WELL, BREEAM, LEED, ESG credentials

In recent customer trials, the paint reduced NOx by 50+% but also saved the customer 20g of VOC and 5kg of hazardous waste in just a 31m2 trial.

Airlite can be applied by brush, roller or spray, and is comparable in cost to standard paints.

Airlite is trusted by:

  • Grosvenor Estates
  • Bouygues Energies & Services
  • Greystar
  • Fore Partnership

For further information contact or  0800 644 4422

Case Study

Case Study 1: A small trial in a Government-owned building saw a 31m2 wall area room painted with Airlite, with an identical room elsewhere painted using a traditional paint. Air monitors were placed in both rooms. The results for just one small room were:

  • Airlite room reduced NOx by 50+%.
  • Airlite rooms saved the customer 20g of VOC and 5+kg of hazardous waste (when comparing EPD statements of both products).

Case Study 2: Jo Richardson Community School, East London (200m2)
Airlite was applied to walls of a nursery classroom and traditional paint was used in an identical classroom. Air monitors were placed in the rooms for two weeks prior to painting and a month after painting. Outcomes demonstrated for the Airlite room were:

  • 96.4% reduction in NOx;
  • 100% reduction in hazardous waste;
  • 98% reduction in VOCs;
  • 67.2% reduction in CO2 footprint.

Airlite was deemed to be a simple swap-in for traditional paint.

Facts and Figures

99.9 %
>70 %

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