Problem Addressed

With the built environment responsible for 25% of the UK’s carbon emissions, the real estate industry plays an important role in decarbonising the built environment. When developing ESG strategies across large portfolios, organisations require a clear understanding of the performance of their current assets. These strategies can be even more difficult to create without a robust way to collect and analyse a variety of data sources from differing suppliers, many of which use different standards. It can also be challenging for organisations to effectively understand their current ESG performance and compare this to their ESG goals and commitments. This is particularly problematic, as the lack of a robust ESG strategy and net zero pathway impacts assets in terms of regulatory compliance, attractiveness, and value, and can act as a significant barrier to accessing capital, with lenders increasingly taking ESG criteria into account.

Solution Overview

Deepki’s end-to-end solutions allow visionary real estate owners and investors to take control of their ESG performance. The market-leading data intelligence platform, coupled with an expert team of environmental consultants, enables organisations to stay ahead of the curve by measuring and managing the sustainability of their assets in line with regulations, tackling both physical and financial climate risk, developing impactful ESG strategies and implementing carbon pathways to reach net zero. By directing the flow of capital to support the environmental transition, companies are equipped to protect the value of their assets and create virtuous real estate.

Data Collection

Deepki Ready™ users can create a portfolio and mass import, create, and edit information about assets, metres, and tenants. Using aggregated KPIs, they can monitor and supervise the entire data collection process while also boosting the collection rate and data quality. Heatmaps can monitor data coverage by asset across an entire portfolio to help identify discrepancies in data between assets. Energy and utility invoices can be added manually or via excel or pdf formats to give users a clear overview of the utilities monitored and the number of invoices collected over a given time frame. Deepki Ready™ can also help fill gaps in data using machine learning estimations on an asset level. These are built on Deepki’s database of over 400,000 assets.


With their data on the Deepki Ready™ platform, users can gain insights into the ESG performance of their portfolio at different levels of granularity including at the entity, asset, and metre levels. It provides detailed information about consumption and CO2 emissions and can be used to compare these metrics against energy and CO2 benchmarks. Using this data, organisations and stakeholders can directly compare key building performance metrics like annual electricity or gas consumption per unit of area. These analytics can help identify assets that are underperforming to implement actions that will reduce energy use. Additionally, Deepki Ready™ can be used to assess the ESG performance of assets before purchase by enabling stakeholders to compare them against their current portfolio and gain insights into potential exposure to climate risk.

Reporting and Action

Deepki Ready™ also enables the creation and editing of ESG forms to help organisations manage their regulatory and corporate ESG commitments. Assessment forms can all be managed within the platform and are already populated to save time. They can also plan actions and investments that are aligned with their organisation’s ESG objectives to help build a data-driven investment plan.

Deepki Success™ and Deepki Advisory™

Deepki also offers professional services including technical support and training for stakeholders using their Deepki Ready™ platform and a consulting service to aid in the development and implementation of ESG action plans.

Case Study

Deepki partners with Primonial REIM to help them develop a comprehensive ESG strategy. Primonial REIM has over 1,000 assets throughout Europe and have faced difficulties accessing data from a variety of suppliers and sources, each with different standards. With Deepki, they were able to create a global ESG strategy which they can implement across their international portfolio.

Facts and Figures

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