Problem Addressed

There is a sustainability regulatory wave upon us that requires stakeholders to urgently regenerate social, economic, and environmental systems. World Wide Generation has identified four significant issues stifling our ability to deliver against the global goals:

  1. Every stakeholder is finding it hard to define and align to purpose
  2. It is difficult for organisations to execute mapping, monitoring, measuring, managing and marketing of their sustainability performance end to end
  3. Trusted, comparable and timely data is hard to find
  4. Impact is hard to measure

Solution Overview

Company Tracker Pro streamlines and standardises sustainability reporting end to end. It will significantly reduce the time, cost, and risk burden of collecting and processing trusted data between stakeholders, such as your subsidiaries, regions, supply chains, partners, and consumers. Data can be collected at subsidiary level, and Company Tracker Pro will aggregate it up to group level, slice and dice reports, perform complex calculations on the platform, and export custom Excel reports. Data can then be shared with trusted stakeholders, investors and auditors – all within the secure ISO-regulated platform.

Company Tracker Pro maps metrics across standards and can collect, process and disseminate data in one place. Its unique value proposition is the harmonisation of all the major globally recognised standards, frameworks, ratings, and regulations, into a single digital taxonomy. Companies can choose from over 3000 metrics from 49 global standards and frameworks including SDGs, GRI, UNGC, SASB, TCFD, CDP, etc.

Powered by a breakthrough data bot and distributed ledger technology, Company Tracker Pro is an interoperable industry-wide solution with a global infrastructure, created to help you capitalise on the $12Tn p/a economic opportunity in new markets that reporting and investing in sustainability affords us.

Overall, this solution enables companies to get standardised, trusted and comparable data, and future-proof their sustainability reporting.

Company Tracker Pro offers a tailored proposal for an annual membership adapted to our client’s needs and to the size of the organisation.

Case Study

An example of how Company Tracker Pro can impact a company’s ESG reporting is Maintel. Maintel is a trusted provider of cloud and managed communications services helping customers in both public and private sectors improve their business through digital transformation. Maintel used World Wide Generation’s ICON Cloud and Managed Services Platform as the company realised the need for continual improvement to positively impact the environment and their vast group of stakeholders. By working with WWG, Maintel was able to map the various frameworks that they follow to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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