Problem Addressed

Growth in private sector investment has seen companies take a more active role in SDG delivery. Similarly, sustainable investing assets have risen by 34% in two years across 5 major markets (food and agriculture, cities, energy and materials, health and economic opportunity) reaching $30.7 trillion at the start of 2018.

Despite these positive trends resources are still not being unlocked as rapidly as required or at scale to realise the SDGs by 2030. A range of ESG data and rating platforms and solutions already exist. However, there are few end-to-end providers which can collect, process and disseminate data between all stakeholders. In addition, most companies comply with multiple reports with no integration between them.

Overview Of Start-up

World Wide Generation (WWG) is helping companies to comply ahead of the sustainability regulatory wave. They also enable stakeholders to capitalise on the $12 trillion-a-year economic opportunity afforded by investing in ESG.

G17Eco is a monitoring and marketplace technology platform designed to help all stakeholders in the investment chain to lead crucial change. This change is necessary in the urgent regeneration of social, economic, and environmental systems as well as compliance ahead of future sustainability regulations.

What Makes The Start-up Innovative

WWG’s unique value proposition is the harmonisation of all the major globally recognised standards, frameworks, ratings, and regulations, into a single digital taxonomy. Companies can choose from over 3000 metrics from 49 global standards and frameworks including SDGs, GRI, UNGC, SASB, TCFD, CDP, etc.

How The Start-up Has Been Designed To Scale Up Quickly

WWG has standardised, trusted and comparable data to better manage the complexity of sustainability reporting, enable strategic decision making and to future proof companies in the rapidly changing sustainability landscape.

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