Problem Addressed

According to Imperial College London, around 3.5 billion tonnes of Portland Cement are produced annually – but every tonne emits up to 622 kg of carbon dioxide. Cement is the source of about 7% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions, according to think tank Chatham House.

Solution Overview

Betolar is a Finnish materials technology company that offers sustainable concrete production with Geoprime®.

The solution converts several previously unused high-volume industrial side streams (e.g. by-products from the energy, steel, paper and pulp and mining industries) into a substitute for cement. Betolar’s mission is to enable the green transformation of various industries globally, especially in the construction, process and energy industries by providing solutions to utilise its unique materials technology.

Product coming soon to the UK. Please contact Betolar for more information.

Betolar’s AI-optimised innovation is available at a competitive cost compared to conventional cement-based concrete manufacturing, leveraging the existing manufacturing processes.

The Geoprime® solution can be implemented in existing production facilities – no major new investments are required. A custom solution can be put into production in 4 months and the products meet relevant EU construction standards, including compression strength and viscosity.

The Geoprime® license solution offers cost-savings in logistics, as the manufacturing process takes place close to the source of the side streams.

Facts and Figures

4 months

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