Problem Addressed

How to reduce carbon footprint and energy waste by up to 40%. Static HVAC infrastructure management in buildings is a common problem. Operation teams either rely on tenants’ complaints, which essentially means that HVAC settings will not change, or optimise the HVAC infrastructure once for a specific time of the day or a season and leave the same settings for years. However, the environment within and outside the building is changing dynamically. If these changes are not dynamically addressed, it leads to unnecessary overcooling/heating and massive energy waste, which is estimated at USD 500B globally every year.

Solution Overview

Arloid AI is a cloud-based solution that is trained to automatically adjust HVAC settings in real time based on changing environmental conditions. It is designed to satisfy unique comfort indexes in different building zones by choosing the least energy consuming HVAC settings. The algorithm extracts value from little changes to the HVAC infrastructure made regularly and automatically throughout the day, every day.