Julie Hirigoyen, Chief Executive at UKGBC, said of the National Infrastructure Assessment:

“We welcome the NIC’s focus on creating a ‘low carbon, low cost’ economic infrastructure in the UK, with energy efficiency highlighted as a key element of the future energy system. The recommendation that Government should set a target of 21,000 energy efficiency measures a week by 2020 recognises that there is currently a serious lack of effective policy drivers.

However, we believe the NIC has missed a key opportunity by not designating energy efficiency as a national infrastructure priority which could help to minimise the costs and maximise the benefits of decarbonisation. The Assessment’s recommendations will not lead to the step-change in energy efficiency that is needed to achieve the UK’s carbon targets and are vague about how improvements should be delivered and financed.

We therefore urge the Government to build on the NIC’s proposals by establishing an ambitious national infrastructure programme for energy efficiency, with clear long-term targets, firm policies, governance arrangements and funding.”

Read the NIC’s National Infrastructure Assessment here.