Problem Addressed

According to The Waste Company, every year 420m tonnes of building materials are bought with 120m tonnes of that going to landfill.

Sustainability Yard’s platform promotes the circular economy of reusable building materials from sites across the UK. The aim is to prevent those materials from finding their way to landfill.

Solution Overview

It is a marketplace platform for anyone in the construction industry (main contractor, tier 1 & 2 contractor, developer, house builder, tradesman and even DIY enthusiasts) to buy, sell or give away their excess (reusable) building materials, rather than throwing them in a skip and sending them to landfill. Sustainability Yard helps users hit their ESG, sustainability and local economy benefit targets. The platform also measures the weight embodied carbon of those materials to give the user some tangible use for the figures. Every site across the UK has surplus materials – Sustainability Yard offers a place to deal with them ethically and sustainability.

The App is completely free to download and use and Sustainability Yard make no commission from sales.

Sustainability Yard cuts costs for users as they are not throwing the reusable materials away or paying for storage and instead get money back on expensive materials.

Case Study

“Big yellow storage” a national storage provider who build units out all over the UK are currently using the platform.

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