Problem Addressed

Delivery traffic in cities has a high ecological footprint and negative impact on local air quality.

Solution Overview

Smart Point works to reduce this impact, whilst creating socio-economic value by partnering and empowering local commerce. Smart Point automates reception for all couriers, reducing delivery inefficiencies which can result in avoidable emissions and costs.

The Smart Point locker system sits in the reception areas of buildings. It is a complete universal system which allows for parcel drop offs and returns as well as allowing the users of the lockers to order goods and services such as healthy food choices, dry cleaning, shoe/watch repairs and gym equipment to name a few.

Smart Point are working with both property owners and occupiers and illustrating to them how by incorporating a Smart Point locker in their building they will be reducing their carbon footprint by never missing a parcel delivery, reducing the number of vehicles travelling to the building, reducing staff costs, improving occupier well-being and improving their ESG credentials.

Smart Point offset CO2 emissions from every delivery, and 100% of their fleet is electric, working towards a zero carbon goal for the delivery of all products and services.

A monthly rental charge for a Smart Point locker ranges from £400-£1500 pcm depending on the size of the locker. Returns include:

  • Savings in package management.
  • High reduction in absenteeism – employees reduce time on personal errands.
  • Conciliation and engagement – Smart Point  loyalty talent and achieve employee well-being.

Case Study

Smart Point Lockers have been implemented on 500+ projects across Europe, for example by CBRE, Blackstone, Grosvenor and many more.

Jordi Llargués, the Head of BAYER Facility Services where the lockers were installed said: “From the very beginning our users have included Smart Point in their daily usage and the technology is now part of our European Wellbeing Programme.”

Facts and Figures

£400-£1500 pcm

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