Problem Addressed

The WasteShark drone is designed purely to collect surface waste, plastics and biomass from various waterbodies, I.e. Ports, Harbours, Marinas, Yacht Clubs, Rivers, Canals, Lakes, Ponds etc. Where many other solutions use fossil-fuel power, this drone has a zero-carbon footprint through the use of battery power.

Solution Overview

The WasteShark is an automated water drone, which can either be manually operated or completely autonomously through a pre-determined route section using waypoints for guidance in a specific body of water. The unit has a removable ‘basket’ which collects the debris, that can easily be removed, emptied and then put back and redeployed.

In addition to collecting surface waste and biomass, the WasteSharks can be fitted with sensors which gives the user additional benefits in obtaining real-time data from the respective waterbodies via a 4G data communication portal. It has a capacity of holding some 180-Ltr of rubbish per load, which translates to circa 500kg/day in plastics and biomass, from one daily charge.

Case Study

There are dozens of units around the globe and the number is growing each year – there have been no comebacks or returns, and RanMarine Technology are currently working on a case study for algae blooms in Europe, which will be shared when completed.