Problem Addressed

The production of virgin paint is very carbon intensive, with the UK producing circa 600 million litres per annum. Roughly 10% of that material ends up in our waste streams with only 2% being recycled. The remaining 98% is mainly sent to incineration destroying perfectly good material including polymers from the paint pots which is in very short demand world wide. A lot of paint pots generated within construction are discarded in skips contaminating other material that could other wise be reused / recycled.

Solution Overview

Paint360 receive unwanted paint pots, decant the water based material by colour and type to make new products while recycling all paint pots. Paint 360 is a Social Enterprise impacting on the 55 million litres of waste paint produced every year in the UK while creating jobs for young people with barrier to employment.

Paint360’s independently verified testing showed that 1 litre of their paint saves enough embedded carbon to drive a transit van 5 miles carbon free. The products also support closed loop recycling targets,  CSR initiatives and cost saving targets on paint purchases and waste management.

A full range of paints and sundries available can be found here.

Case Study

A range of case studies can be found here. Paint360 are strategic partner to PPG and supply the following projects currently:

  • Amey – Ministry of Justice on the CRED scheme for prison refurbishment
  • Social Housing – Birmingham City Housing Stock in conjunction with Fortem – Wates & Engie
  • Orbit Homes – Refurbishment and very soon new housing
  • Recent school refurbishments with Morgan Sindall in Wales
  • Kier / Amey – Highways