Problem Addressed

29 million UK homes will need to be retrofitted before 2050, and UKGBC is calling for a nationwide strategy to upgrade 19 million of these homes within the next decade. To complete these upgrades, homeowners must have an understanding of their home’s current energy efficiency and the works required.

Solution Overview

Snugg is helping to reduce the carbon emissions from the UKs housing stock by simplifying the journey to a more sustainable home. The Snugg platform helps homeowners understand which improvements are appropriate for their home, how to finance them, and connects users directly to a network of trusted installers. Smart meter integration allows users to monitor the effectiveness of their improvements, and later in 2024 Snugg will pilot a Carbon Credit project to further help homeowners recover the costs associated with installing home energy efficiency measures.

To use the platform, users simply enter their postcode and select their home. Snugg will then generate a model of the property using EPC certificates and the Energy Saving Trust’s (EST) Home Analytics database and will provide a personalised energy efficiency plan alongside options for grants and other funding options homeowners are eligible for. Energy improvement estimations are based on the type of home, type of installations, and current energy prices, and homeowners can check the details created by the model to ensure they are correct. Then, Snugg uses EST’s Dynamic Engine to model possible energy savings measures depending on a homeowner’s budget and goals. Users will also receive quotes directly from trusted local installers to facilitate the completion of the selected works. Snugg can also estimate how much a home’s value will increase due to the improvements.

Snugg is completely free to use and instead earns money by partnering with organisations to provide customized versions of their platform for their customers. They also receive limited referral fees and commissions from their installation partners. Snugg can be utilised by organisations in a number of ways, including via a link, a co-branded landing page, a white-labelled solution, or a custom component-integrated front-end. This integration can be completed within a number of days or weeks depending on the method selected.

Case Study

Snugg partnered with Scottish Building Society in 2023. The SSER-friendly online platform provides members with personalised step-by-step plans to make their homes more energy efficient. Its plans leverage data-driven insights to tailor recommendations, enabling customers to check eligibility of energy efficiency grants and connect with trusted installers. The collaboration supports Scottish Building Society’s sustainability goals while also empowering customers to make informed decisions about making their homes more energy efficient, potentially reducing carbon emissions and lowering energy costs. Additionally, the partnership provides Scottish Building Society with opportunities to offer additional lending to members who require financial support to implement energy-saving measures at home.

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