Problem Addressed

The construction industry plays a major role in both Norway and in the world, and accounts for a large share of greenhouse gas emissions. Reusing building materials could significantly reduce the industry’s carbon emissions and lower both the embodied carbon and waste associated with construction. However, it is often difficult for those in possession of unwanted building materials to find stakeholders who want to buy or obtain used materials for reuse.

Solution Overview

Loopfront is a digital technology platform and surveying tool developed by field specialists to give  an overview of the materials contained within a building in just a few days. The platform is designed to contribute at all stages of the value chain and turn waste into resources. With Loopfront, every organisation has the structure, process and tools to achieve their specific goals associated with the circular economy. The platform provides a detailed overview enabling users to plan activities towards their reuse and recycling goals at their own pace with available resources.

The platform produces live reports on savings, be they financial or associated with waste and CO2 reduction. All materials within the building are given a digital identity and can be traced, and the patform takes care of the entire process – from mapping and documentation, to collaboration, logistics and reporting.

Loopfront is software as a service platform, with upfront costs based on a monthly subscription of 0.01% (or less) of a total project cost. Return on investment will depend on the size of the project and the degree of material reuse, but the platform can enable a 70% reduction in costs associated with streamlining processes around circular activities.

Case Study

A large municipality used Loopfront in a fast moving refurbishment project involving 29 buildings. After using Loopfront for 18 months they saved 90 tons waste, 230 tons CO2 and 1,6 mil Euro.

Facts and Figures

70 %

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