Problem Addressed

There is a lack of valid, robust data analysis in relation to construction waste across the UK. This means that forecasting waste volumes, and the associated cost, is often unpredictable and unreliable. Demand exists within the construction industry for better estimation of both.

Solution Overview provides a platform for cost certainty and planning, as well as for driving best practice in waste minimisation and resource efficiency. Aligned with better cost forecasts and margin protection, the website allows construction companies to engage those resource management companies who can provide better service provision on the back of tightening industry performance and regulatory requirements.

Obtaining quotations or securing sales for construction waste or recycled is a time-consuming process. The Portal provides front and back-end access to both with minimal data input. This is of especial value in areas where a construction company hasn’t operated before. It also allows waste companies an opportunity to engage with contractors they haven’t previously worked with. The construction buyer needs only to input 4 pieces of information into their side of the Portal to be provided with the best commercial rates and service capability within the resource management sector in any of 21 postcode zones across the UK. Search results use algorithms to provide bad, standard and good practice levels of project waste production including embodied carbon calculations for those materials. ‘s USP is that it is an intelligent system; the more data collected, the smarter the system becomes. It is a self-replicating, reinforced data solution that is adaptable to cover any sustainability driven target or benchmark provided that a robust enough dataset is in place. As climate change legislation becomes more prevalent, the model could be adapted to produce full carbon-led profiles of a project through carbon impact from construction, to embodied carbon of the materials used while complementing other digital platforms such as BIM.

According to the House of Commons, the construction output in the UK is approximately £117 billion per year (6% GDP). Potential profit savings could be protected by having access to real-time, data science-based weight and cost estimates based on live commercial rates at the outset, as is provided by the Portal.

To sign up and create a profile is free of charge, users need only subscribe when they are ready. Subscription pricing:

  • Contractor or Builder – £1,200 plus VAT per annum
  • Waste Services and/or Recycled Aggregates Supplier – £360 plus VAT per annum

Case Study

An office of 22,000m2 in the midlands:

Project Financial Case Study

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