Problem Addressed

Revolutionising the construction and DIY sector and tackling an industry that is the largest contributor to waste globally. Within the UK alone, Enviromate estimates that it equates to 32% of all landfill waste using over 420 million tonnes of material per year generating 120 million tonnes of waste over half of which is reusable. It is estimated that 13% of that material ends up within the waste stream without ever being used, with a value of over £1.5 billion (source: Business Insider)

Solution Overview

Enviromate is designed with one core mission; to disrupt and revolutionise construction and DIY through enabling and accelerating the reuse of surplus and leftover building materials. Helping build a future where we share, upcycle and reuse surplus, reducing the impact the industry has on our environment and building toward a more resourceful, circular economy.

The UK’s largest construction & DIY marketplace platform helps connect you to the resources and products you need or sell what you don’t, whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, a tradesman, building merchant or simply looking to do up your home. Offering a convenient destination to discover, buy and sell items with people in your community and across the country. It’s easy to find materials you need for a project or find a new home for the surplus building materials that you don’t need. Keeping vital natural resources in circulation.

Enviromate helps larger contractors hit their ESG, sustainability and local economy benefit targets via tangible data of weight, embodied carbon and donation opportunities to local and national community projects.

Buyers can contact the sellers directly for more information or to make an offer once they have found what they need.

Enviromate is reducing the impact the industry has on our environment and building toward a more circular economy.

Enviromate is completely free to use with zero listing and sale fees. With various subscription offers which can further enhance sale and purchase opportunities dependant on scale of reuse requirements.

Case Study

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