Problem Addressed

Currently waste is the fourth largest source sector of emissions, accounting for 3% of total greenhouse gas emissions in 2017, according to Eurostat, and it is estimated that by 2050 the annual global total will double, approaching 3.4bn tonnes, according to the World Bank. How can we prevent usable items from going to landfill and adding to the excessive waste problem whilst at the same time generating ESG data and societal impact?


Solution Overview

Globechain is an ESG Reuse marketplace connecting corporations from the construction, retail, hospitality, and office sectors with charities, small businesses, and individuals. By redistributing unneeded items, Globechain helps reduce waste through reuse and generates ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) data for its members. Reusing items prolongs their life and eliminates the need for them to be sent to landfill or incinerated, thereby reducing carbon emissions.

Globechain provides a circular and digital solution to waste, with an audit trail that ensures transparency, accountability, and ethical transactions across its product offerings. Its product solutions are external and internal reuse and loaning. Enterprises can reuse and optimise their stock across locations, stores, distribution centres or offices through internal reuse and loaning. External reuse gives enterprises access to its global network of members to redistribute their items.

Globechain’s bespoke reports include kilos diverted and societal impacts such as upskilling. All solutions generate ESG data, which can be used for IPO, credit financing, tax offsets, sustainability reporting, BREEAM points and helping win tenders.

Case Study

British Land – Exchange Square

Exchange House is a 10-storey building at Broadgate, a 32 acre office-led campus adjacent to Liverpool Street Station. Joint owners British Land and GIC are investing £1.5 billion in Broadgate’s evolution into a world-class, mixed-use destination for London. The refurbishment of levels nine and ten at Exchange House was undertaken with live offices in operation in the rest of the building. Sustainability was a priority from the outset, supporting British Land’s commitment to achieve a net zero carbon portfolio by 2030 and create greater social impact.

Reusing materials for environmental and social impact

At the tender stage, British Land engaged Globechain, the largest ESG reuse marketplace worldwide. Globechain connects enterprises from construction, retail, hospitality and office sectors with non-profits, small businesses and people to redistribute unneeded items.

During the tender process, KpH Deconstruction engaged with the project team to explore how the reuse of materials could enhance environmental benefits and add social value while delivering commercial returns. Following discussions with Globechain to further understand the process, KpH devised a strategy to overcome potential logistical and programme barriers, including loading area limitations and insurance requirements in the building.

At the pre-demolition audit stage, KpH identified all potential items for reuse, including carpets, floor tiles, ceiling lights, blinds, doors, and telecommunications equipment. They then stripped these out and listed them for reuse on Globechain. Through Globechain’s network of members, charities and local community groups collected 5,889 items, benefiting up to 3,154 people by improving spaces and facilities they use.

Altogether, charities collected over 137 tonnes of materials for reuse, 14% of all strip out material by weight, delivering more significant environmental and social benefit than recycling, at no extra cost.

Reuse Data:

  • Items collected: 5889
  • Materials reused: 137 tonnes
  • People benefited: 3154
  • Sectors benefited: Children & Youth, Education & Training and Arts
  • BREEAM / LEED recognised for credits

Facts and Figures

Over 58 million kgs
10,000 +
20 mins

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