Problem Addressed

According to the UK Government, each year, the UK sends 139m tonnes of mineral wastes and soils from construction sites to landfill. These soils account for almost two thirds of total UK waste. Significant emissions are also associated with these lorry movements to and from sites.

Solution Overview

Ecofill has designed and developed the world’s first mobile plant machinery which processes all kinds of clays and subsoils, combined with tailored Ecofill Binders and transforms them into approved aggregate replacement products. This process takes place on site, ex-situ and can be used in the construction of both permanent and temporary earthworks structures.

By transforming onsite clays & subsoils into aggregate replacement products, this revolutionary and disruptive, green technology significantly reduces the export of soils to landfill and the import of aggregates. Compared to traditional methods, this reduces the number of lorry movements and all the associated carbon emissions by around 96%.

To put this into context, on a residential site of approximately 250 homes, Ecofill saves:

  • 42,000 tonnes of soils to landfill
  • 54,000 tonnes of imported aggregates
  • 10,000 wagon movements
  • 270 tonnes of Co2

Ecofill’s services include binder design, material production, testing and validation. All Ecofill products meet the National Specification for Highways and Earthworks and are tested & validated by independent, UKAS accredited laboratories.

Ecofill can also provide their “R-Ecofill” solution, which is a unique process for the treatment and remediation of contaminated soils. The R-Ecofill solution has the potential to unlock the 21,000 stalled Brownfield sites Nationwide.

Case Study

At Ecofill’s Innovation Hub in Selby, North Yorkshire, they have already showcased the technology and given live demonstrations of Ecofill to a significant amount of National and International construction companies and engineering consultancy firms.