In collaboration with industry partners, knowledge experts and key stakeholders, UKGBC has launched two implementation packs for incorporating challenging circular economy principles into built environment projects. These packs are a follow up to the UKGBC Circular economy guidance for construction clients: How to practically apply circular economy principles at the project brief stage. 

Download the Resources for Reuse

The Implementation Pack for Reuse can assist construction clients, designers, project managers, and other stakeholders along a building’s supply chain in reducing their project’s waste and environmental impact.

Circular Economy How-to Guide

This provides assistance for three key reuse objectives: how to create a product and material inventory to support reuse within an existing project; how to reuse materials and products from another project and; how to send materials and products offsite for reuse on another project.
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The Why and What of Reuse Slide Deck

This helps project teams make the case for incorporating reuse in buildings and why circularity must be an important consideration in sustainable design. The How-to Guide for reuse and innovation insights document are also explained.
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Circular Economy Innovation Insights

This provides examples of organisations and initiatives that can facilitate reuse.
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Download the Resources for Product as a Service

The Implementation Pack for Product as a Service provides guidance on incorporating a new form of product provision into building projects.

Circular Economy How-to Guide: Implementing Light as a Service (LaaS) in built assets

This guide assists project teams working on incorporating or replacing lighting in buildings through highlighting the processes, roles, and responsibilities for applying LaaS.
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The Why and What of Products as a Service

This slide deck helps project teams make the case for incorporating PaaS into buildings project by demonstrating the value created in purchasing services instead of products. The How-to Guide for light as a service and the innovation insights document are also explained.
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We will be working with our industry partners over the next year to apply the guides and promote the transition to a circular built environment.  

These two packs were developed as part of Year 2 of UKGBC’s Circular Economy Programme and were made possible thanks to our programme partners:

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