On Friday October 19th, UKGBC responded to BEIS/MHCLG’s Call for Evidence on Energy Performance Certificates for Buildings

Jenny Holland, Public Affairs & Policy Specialist at UKGBC, said:

We very much welcome this Call for Evidence and the ambitious and wide-ranging suggestions it contains for making Energy Performance Certificates more reliable and accurate and better equipped to drive energy efficiency action on the part of building owners.  This is as all the more important as EPC ratings already underpin existing Government policies such as the Private Rented Sector Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) – and they sit at the heart of the aspiration in the Government’s Clean Growth Strategy for all homes to be EPC Band C by 2035.

Furthermore, there is an expectation that EPCs will increasingly be used as the basis for investment decisions such as mortgage applications.  This will necessitate a greater level of EPC accuracy and reliability than currently exists.  We believe that the increasing use of actual – rather than modelled – performance data will be critical to this process.  In addition, we strongly endorse the suggestion that building owners be given access to all the data that underpin the EPC rating; and that this information is able to be shared with relevant third parties like assessors and installers.  This would help make repeat assessments quicker, cheaper and more reliable.  It would also be likely to encourage energy efficiency improvements by the building owner, as advice on suitable improvements could be made more tailored and less costly.

View the full consultation response here.

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