Launched today, UKGBC’s Bitzesize Learning Guides are a growing suite of introductory level sustainability resources designed to build pan-industry knowledge and confidence on key sustainability.

To empower all corners of the property and construction sectors to play their part in the net zero transition, UKGBC has developed these guides to demystify key carbon concepts and create a common language for non-technical experts to confidently engage in sustainable building. Written with clear, succinct and jargon-free language, the guides aim to kick start sustainability learning in non-specialist teams.

the first set of Explainer Guides cover:

  • Net Zero Carbon Buildings and Infrastructure
  • Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions
  • Operational & Embodied Carbon
  • Whole Life Carbon
  • Carbon Pricing
  • Renewable Energy

The bitesize learning guides series will soon expand to include additional Explainer Guides as well as Practical Guides which introduce sustainable building at all stages of the life cycle, with practical tips and case studies.

Elfrida Hamilton-Russel, Director of Learning and Leadership at UKGBC said:

“At UKGBC, we understand that the climate and carbon agenda can seem complex. Whilst we have seen sustainability education grow in terms of interest, there are many people working in the Built Environment who seek support in getting started and require resources designed for those less well-versed in sustainability and carbon-related topics.

To support widescale awareness raising, we have developed Bitesize Learning Guides – a growing suite of free and accessible resources that can act as an entry point to sustainability education, for all.

We hope these guides can empower everyone to get to grips with key concepts and inspire them to play their part in the green transition”