With time running out to keep global temperatures to 1.5 degrees, upgrading the nation’s homes is one of the biggest opportunities the UK has to bring down carbon emissions whilst tackling the cost-of-living crisis, energy security and levelling up.   

Momentum for action is building and there is a new window of opportunity to influence current Government and future government’s policy.

In November Jeremy Hunt announced an ambition of 15% energy saving from the built environment by 2030 and committed £6.6bn from 2025-2028, £2bn a year. A new Government Energy Efficiency Taskforce has been established, and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak appears to be personally driving the energy security agenda.  

As we approach the general election next year, the Labour Party has committed £60 billion over 10 years for home retrofit, £6 billion a year.  

So, there is clearly renewed interest in stepping up the pace. But the question remains – how much is enough? 

This project seeks to answer that question and build a broad alliance of industry, think tanks, academia, NGOs and civil society in support of the scale of investment and policy needed. 

We plan to build a calculator to assess how much investment is needed from national government and how much from private sources and what policies will be needed to drive that. We aim to launch the analysis in early summer 2023 with a short report and event in Parliament with political engagement from now through to the end of the year.  

As part of this project, UKGBC is excited to have onboarded several project partners to help steer and shape the final output. They bring a range of expertise to ensure that the outcome is both communally created, but also represents a wide knowledge base and includes as much insights as possible. 


Domestic Retrofit Project Partners

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