Simon McWhirter, UKGBC’s Director of Communications, Policy and Places said: 

‘This could signal the most important boost to energy saving and reduced energy bills in many years. The shift to make energy saving an equal priority with energy supply, setting a clear level of ambition and path forwards for industry, and new government funding could be the turning point needed.

Getting the details and wider strategy right will be critical; but this is progress in the right direction. The new task force to advise Government is welcome news. Bringing in experience from across industry, academia and civil society will be essential to make this a success, and learn from the mistakes of the past.

The plan now needs to reflect the required urgency of the fuel poverty, cost of living and climate emergencies. Public funds must be prioritised for households struggling with bills, and boosting local authorities’ capacity to play centre stage in helping drive energy savings across the country. To succeed in a ‘shared mission with families and business’, targeting a whole-nation approach, more funding will be needed – as well as complementary long term policies including incentives for owner occupiers and stronger minimum standards for the private rented and commercial sectors.

The size of the prize is enormous, in terms of new and secure skilled jobs, accelerating levelling up across the country and scaling up the green economy.’