Select New Homes or Home Retrofit and click on the highlighted regions to explore home retrofit and new homes policies and initiatives. Combined authorities and county councils can be toggled on and off using the switch at the top of the map.

About this map

This map is a live resource and will be updated regularly. To submit an entry, please download a submissions form here; or get in contact with

UKGBC has been accepting submissions from local authorities detailing their retrofit and new home policies. The data displayed in this map represents these submissions, publicly available information and one-on-one discussions with specific local authorities that are, or have been, involved in past and present UKGBC programmes. The map is therefore not intended as an exhaustive list of every individual retrofit project, new build policy, climate strategy or funding opportunity, but instead displays leading authority-led action.  We warmly welcome further submissions that fit the criteria outlined below.

The criterion for determining whether a local/combined authority entry is displayed are:

  • The entry (policy or programme) should have a demonstrable link to a policy or achieving an official local authority objective, such as a net zero target. Individual programmes and services should be part of progress towards a broader strategy or official environmental aims.
  • The policy, initiative or programme must have value for other local authorities in terms of illustrating best practice, or be of ‘exemplary nature’. This means it should represent effort and action beyond a baseline derived from national funding opportunities e.g. local authority projects derived from the Green Home Grants scheme. Some entries may therefore not be displayed if they are not found to meet this baseline.

The focus of the map is only on local or regional authorities. We acknowledge that in the devolved nations much of the policy focus in this area is at the national level.

The retrofit element of this map has been produced as part of the EIT Climate-KIC funded Accelerator Cities programme, a project designed to support and enable local and combined authorities to take action on home retrofit, run by UKGBC and partners. It is intended to display leading local authority policies and related programmes designed to address domestic energy efficiency.

Further resources

Alongside the map we have also published a Retrofit Playbook and New Homes Policy Playbook – two resource packs designed to help cities and local authorities drive up the sustainability of homes.

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This map is a live resource, and will be updated regularly. To submit an entry, please get in contact.
Olga Okoulova Coordinator : Policy and Retrofit