Partnership Length1 year (FY 2024/25)

Our homes account for almost 50% of carbon emissions from the UK’s built environment – to meet our net zero goals, we need to retrofit our existing homes.  Home retrofit also has to potential to address some of our most critical social crises; fuel poverty and the wellbeing of our most deprived communities.  Top-down strategies for home retrofit cannot work without developing local networks who understand the context and can ensure the successful delivery of long term outcomes.

UKGBC has a long history of working on home retrofit with some of the UK’s most ambitious and expert stakeholders, both at the national and local level.  Our Regenerative Places programme (RPP) aims to expand both the breadth and ambition of this work towards a place-based programme that supports a joined up ‘top down/bottom up’ approach to scaling home retrofit.  

Building on our existing strategic partnership with the MCS Charitable Foundation, we aim to work with 2-3 pilot places to explore and demonstrate how home retrofit can act as a catalyst for ensuring wider regenerative benefits to communities – such as:

  • Decarbonising heat and energy
  • Improving biodiversity and green space
  • Offering health and social value benefits
  • Strengthening climate resilience.

The programme will also consider how a place-based approach to retrofit could build capacity within local networks and ensure they are resilient to future challenges. 

The Regenerative Places programme will: 

  • Pilot place-based strategies to accelerate and scale home retrofit. 
  • Ensure retrofit strategies relate to the local context and integrate wider regenerative benefits. 
  • Consider retrofit from a systems perspective to deliver long term outcomes. 

Our partnership with UKGBC to support a locally-led approach to home retrofit has gone from strength to strength over the last 2 years. UKGBC’s depth of knowledge on retrofit, as well its strong and active network has really enhanced our reach. We look forward to continuing our partnership into 2024 and beyond, and working with new partners through the Regenerative Places Programme. This will enable us to deepen our understanding of how home retrofit can act as a catalyst for ensuring wider benefits to communities.”

Alastair Mumford, Programme Director, MCS Foundation


Anna Hollyman Senior Sustainability Advisor
Joanne Wheeler Senior Local Policy & Retrofit Manager