UKGBC’s key workstreams on Climate Change Mitigation, Climate Change Adaptation and Nature are supported by the generous support of key Programme Partners.

What does it mean to be a Programme Partner?

Our Programme Partners work closely with UKGBC to give key industry insights to our projects and plans. The four drivers for programme partnership are:

  • Philanthropic​ – The right thing to do for the benefit  of all.
  • Learning and Upskilling – Staff development, peer to peer learning.
  • Enhanced Delivery – Working closely with UKGBC teams on projects, steering the direction of work and collaboration to drive action.
  • Demonstrating Leadership – Showcasing your sustainability leadership.

Beyond advancing our shared ambitions and supporting the realisation of critical industry targets, members partnering on UKGBC programmes will also gain multiple direct benefits including:

Driving meaningful impact:

  • Your organisation will be credited with enabling the programme and facilitating progress and positive impact in the built environment
  • You will secure a position on each of the programme’s individual Task Groups
  • You will take a steering role, helping to shape the programme and associated projects with the ability to contribute to, and draw down upon, a variety of different workstreams and outputs.

Raising your brand profile:

  • Your organisation will receive brand recognition via the inclusion of your organisation’s logo on all programmatic activities (e.g., reports, videos, presentation slides)
  • You will receive bespoke social media assets to help promote your organisation’s support of the programme
  • You will be given opportunities to join all project Task Groups and demonstrate a widespread set of skills and expertise to a much wider community of businesses.

Extending your network:

  • Your organisation will be able to collaborate with other industry leaders
  • You will have access to a broad network through which to extend your organisation’s reach and build new relationships with clients and suppliers from across the built environment value chain

Developing your staff:

  • Individuals will gain unique experience and improve their knowledge through Task Group participation and direct knowledge exchange
  • Individuals will engage with a diverse set of stakeholders from across the industry and collaborate to co-create tangible solutions
  • Annual bespoke ‘lunch and learn’ training sessions delivered by UKGBC

In order to be eligible to be a UKGBC Programme Partner, organisations must meet the following criteria:

  • All partners should be able to demonstrate expertise relevant to the work of the programme and/or project and/or have made public commitments relevant to the work of the programme and/or project.
  • All partners agree to comply with our Ethics Policy.
  • All partners commit to engaging with and promoting the programme and/or project.

Who are our Programme Partners?

Advancing Net Zero Partners

Our Advancing Net Zero work is made possible thanks to our programme partners

Resilience & Nature Partners

Our Climate Change Adaptation and Nature work is supported by our Resilience & Nature Partners.